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One of the most common questions we get: ” How do I make a marketing plan?”

It’s quickly followed by, “Wait, do I even need a marketing plan?”

That’s when I pause and try and factor in how much time that person has.  I don’t have a very good short answer for this one.  But I will try.

Yes, you need plan.  If doesn’t have to be formal.  It doesn’t have to a detailed bible on virality, SEO and customer acquisition cost that you print at Kinkos. At the least, you need a goal and the steps you plan to take to hit that goal. Maybe even a bottoms up growth model like what Noah Kagan does.  (Please have something more than just “running lots of Facebook ads” – unless your last name is Zuckerberg.)

To help you build your own marketing plan, we put together a guide of how we approach creating a marketing plan (or growth plan) for our companies.  This guide is very focused on the digital world and doesn’t include details of some very powerful offline marketing strategies.  Aka, this might not be applicable to everyone.

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