Client Objective

Universal Standard is a woman’s brand that wanted to increase activation of first time website visitors. Their repeat purchase rate is very strong so we wanted to optimize for all new visitors.

Our Strategy

After performing some quantitative and qualitative analysis, we uncovered three key insights. A significant amount of the traffic was on mobile and first time visitors were searching the site (and the internet) for a first time user promo code. Once first time customers experience the product their likelihood to buy a second product increased to over 70%.

We decided to design a mobile experience for first time visitors that allowed them to easily claim a promo after going through the buying journey and expressing strong purchase intent.

Our Work

The metric that informed the test.
How we activate first time customers on mobile.


Additional Sales Per Month
Increase New Purchase Conversions
Repeat Purchase Rate

"Growthhit essentially paid for themselves for the entire year within the first 30 days of working together."

Polina Veksler, CEO of Universal Standard