Last updated: March 25, 2022

Digital Marketing Tools That Every Marketer Should Know

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Digital marketing in 2022 can be a complex process for any business, so you’ll want to be sure that you have the tools you need to execute marketing plans that work perfectly and position your brand for long-term success. Creating a successful brand positioning strategy for your company depends on having the right tools on hand for your daily needs. Generating analytics, reports, and tracking metrics are likewise critical to ensure that you get the most from your marketing efforts. 

There are many tools available today, from software to apps, that can make the process of marketing much more effective. Read on to learn about digital marketing tools that every marketer should know — you’ll be glad that you took the time to make sure that your marketing efforts aren’t lagging behind those of other businesses in your niche.


Digital Marketing Tools Divided by Strategy

Marketing tools should be considered for their value in relation to the different processes that are involved. Hence, picking the right tool for each need will help make your marketing efforts more effective and cost-efficient.

Search Engine Optimization Tools


Besides providing valuable information about your target keywords’ search volume and traffic potential, this is a great tool if you need to research your website’s backlinking, ranking, social shares, and more. It’s one of the best data collection tools for SEO out there, and it isn’t too difficult to learn how to use. Managing your optimization can be easy with Ahrefs — it places all of your SEO tools in one application. 


For an all-in-one optimization experience, you’ll want to consider Semrush. This tool makes it simple to track analytics for your keywords and domains, and it also allows you to track and generate the data that you’ll need for almost any kind of SEO task. If you want to grow your engagement organically while using the best-targeted keywords, this might just be the tool for your needs.

Social Media Marketing Tools


This is a great tool for all of your social media management needs. You can build your brand, establish important connections with your customers, and drive business throughout your various social media sites all in one place. It allows you to schedule posts, analyze engagement, and run A/B testing for your marketing efforts. 


This is a very user-friendly platform that provides all the tools you need to keep tabs on your social media accounts. You can run businesses both large and small with this CRM, and you’ll love that you can track all kinds of different interactions and activities in one place. This tool is an end-to-end SaaS that allows your teams to collaborate and stick to project goals and timelines.

Email Marketing Tools


 This tool allows you to see all of the SMS and in-app notifications for your business in real-time. Besides allowing you to store customer data and create templates to use and reuse, you can take advantage of integrations from the Klaviyo library to customize your data tracking and automated processes. 


Mailchimp is the go-to for email marketing management, and you’ll find that few other email marketing tools are this effective. Besides allowing you to schedule your marketing outreach around peak times for different time zones, purchasing a subscription gives you access to numerous templates that streamline your email campaigns.

Project Management Tools

Project management necessitates fluid communication, timeline management, and goal setting. allows you to share project details not only with your whole team but also with contractors and collaborators. This is one of the best project management software options out there, and you’ll love the calendar and task-based functions that are both simple and effective. Giving all your collaborators and team members access to documents and files is also quite easy with this tool.


Hive is a great choice if you have many team members that you need to include in your open jobs and projects. You can even invite external users to collaborate with you using this too. The task organization options are easy to use, and the deadlines, attachments, and label functions work perfectly for your project management needs.

Affiliate Marketing Tools


Tracking the performance of your ROI and other metrics is simplified when you have Everflow on your side. This is an easy-to-use app that offers you the best data delivery in its class — you get access to data visualizations, reporting dashboards, and more with this tool. Everflow uses smart targeting and an open API to make it simple to see trends in your metrics. Being able to pull detailed reports and data tracking information from this tool is really simple, and you will be able to improve your marketing outreach with ease through the use of this information.


LeadDyno is very beginner-friendly, and it offers a simple-to-navigate interface that’s perfect for those just starting out with using these kinds of marketing tools. You can start generating quality data right away without having to struggle through processes you might not understand.


Shortening web links is one of the best ways to readily embed your brand’s information into social media posts and more. Preventing the dreaded “dirty link” is important, so making sure that your link is easy to remember can help share information about your company. Neither you nor your customers will have to struggle with awkward, messy links once you know how to use this tool.


How to Know Which Digital Marketing Tools to Prioritize

Knowing which tool to use for your marketing needs isn’t actually that difficult, but you’ll still need to consider which of these will best impact your digital marketing efforts and outreach. When you’ve decided what will help you the most, you’ll want to pick the version that will deliver the most for your needs. Make sure to read reviews from other users and become familiar with the features and functions of each.

When you choose the right marketing tools, you’ll gain access to a wealth of information and time-saving resources that makes it much easier to grow your brand and improve your overall workflow. This in turn will make your marketing efforts more cost-effective and enjoyable, thus helping you scale your business with ease.

Jim Huffman

Founder & CEO GrowthHit. Startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. Author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook #1

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