A step-by-step marketing playbook on how to grow an online business from zero to seven figures in sales.


Launching Summer 2018.

growth marketer's playbook

“Jim has scaled a startup from idea to 7 figures and advised Fortune 500 companies. If I was a CMO his material would be mandatory for my team.”

Jenny Fielding, Techstars Managing Director


The growth principles and methods to build a fast-growing company.

The Growth Marketer's Playbook is about taking a company and applying a proven growth framework to scale the right growth strategy that results in break out success. 

Founders and marketers will learn every option for growing their business and how to get results with those marketing channels.  Readers will learn how to manage the growth process, from  how to be a data-driven marketer to what to do when things go wrong.

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Chapter 1: Why Growth Marketing Matters 
Chapter 2: The Real Reason Startups Fail 
Chapter 3: Growth Marketing 101
Chapter 4: How to Know You’re Ready for Growth?
Chapter 5: PLAYBOOK: How to Uncover Your Growth Opportunities
Chapter 6: PLAYBOOK: How to Setup Your Marketing Infrastructure
Chapter 7: PLAYBOOK: How to Run & Manage Growth
Chapter 8: PLAYBOOK: How to Acquire, Convert & Scale
Chapter 9: RESOURCES: What’s the Right Marketing Tech Stack for You 
Chapter 10: SELF-HELP: Shut Up and Grow


Jim Huffman is the CEO and cofounder of GrowthHit, a growth marketing agency. He is a growth mentor for the Techstars accelerator, XRC Labs and the University of Washington Comotion Lab. Jim also teaches marketing workshops through General Assembly and through the Association of National Advertisers. Jim led growth at two startups that went from idea to over $10M in sales and got featured by WSJ, TechCrunch and the TODAY Show. He has advised or taught marketing to brands that include OREO, Hot Wheels, FedEx, Clorox and more.


Jim has worked with the following companies:

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