Why isn’t your Bootstrapped Brand at 7-figures yet?

Own a consumer startup that hasn’t reached $1,000,000? Get our 7-step program
to help you break through the $83,333 per month milestone.

We’ve consulted, taught, and mentored 100+ founders.

Your Ecommerce Journey

Are You Making These 3 Mistakes?

You have a great product and some traction but you don’t have the resources to scale.

Plus, you’re making these 3 common mistakes:

  1. You’re trying to grow with below average conversion rates.
  2. Your growth is solely dependent on one tactic… Facebook ads?
  3. You’re indecisive and unsure on where to invest your precious time and money.

Finally, a 7-Step Plan for Self-Funded eCom Founders

Within weeks, you’ll be crafting a unique value proposition, standing up funnels that convert, and acquiring customers in a profitable way. You’ll be able to tell a story to investors (or your mom) that shows growth and traction.

This isn’t a series of videos. These are the exact playbooks and templates we have used with over 100+startups at our growth agency, GrowthHit. This isn’t general advice or simple tips. We show you exactly how to grow one step at a time.

Whether you want to raise money or just want to run a profitable company, this program is for you.

Why GrowthHit?

Are you an ecommerce business that hasn’t hit $1M in sales yet?

We can help. Our premium growth agency, GrowthHit, has helped companies generate $200M+ in sales. We’ve taken that playbook and packaged it up for sub $1M ecommerce businesses.


We have run workshops for Techstars, AB Inbev, Hot Wheels, Sephora, WeWork Labs, and more.

We KNOW Ecommerce

From bootstrapped brands to VC-backed startups, we’ve worked with 100+ companies.


Our CEO, Jim Huffman, wrote the Amazon Best-Seller, The Growth Marketer’s Playbook.


We have seen every phase of growth and we know that the early stage is the hardest.

“Their approach to growing businesses makes executing your own marketing plan a straightforward process that anyone can do.”
“Jim has scaled a startup from idea to 7 figures and advised fortune 500 companies. If I was a CMO, his material would be mandatory for my team.”
“Anyone that’s looking to accelerate their knowledge in growth should read this book. GrowthHit represents a new breed of data-driven marketers who has used an agile growth framework to build real businesses.”

A Growth Program to Help You Hit $1M in Sales

Access To a Growth Program Used by 8-Figure DTC Brands

After working with 100+ 7 figure client at our agency, we have crafted an 8 step program to help you hit 7-figures. This progam includes a series of exercises, frameworks and content to hold your hand on your journey to $1M.

20+ Proven Growth Templates (Landing Pages, Ads, Email & More)

Get access to a library of 20+ downloadable ad designs, landing page templates, 12-month projection models, launch checklists, and more. These are the same designs used by our high-growth clients.

LIVE Monthly Coaching Calls

Want to work directly with us? Our growth team hosts monthly coaching calls. You can share your projects with our growth team and receive expert feedback. You’ll be able to watch your peers present their growth plan and learn from their journey.

Is this Program Right For Me?

Who is this for?

Who is this NOT for?

Founders of Ecommerce Brands

Marketers at big companies

A founder who wants the exact playbook to hit $1,000,000 in sales

Marketers who want growth theories and common case studies


Post Series-B Funding

Want projects, exercises and tools to grow

Want hours of videos

Our Program


How to Validate If Your Company is Ready to Grow


Crafting a Unique Value Proposition that Beats the Competition


How to Create an Activation Offer that Will Get Sales


How to Stand Up a Funnel on a Shoestring Budget


Building a Growth Model Based on Your Balance Sheet and Profit Margin


A Launch Strategy When You Don’t Have Money (Yet)


Building Your 12 Month Growth Engine: Tactics, Tools, & Shortcuts to Hitting $1M



Access Our Growth Community + Growth Coaching

Want to work directly with us? Our growth team hosts a private community with growth coaching.

We host monthly coaching sessions and have a private community. With live / interactive Zoom sessions, you can share your projects with our growth team and receive expert feedback and guidance. You’ll be able to watch your peers present their growth plan and learn from their learnings.

In addition to the learnings, you can connect with our growth leadership team and other startup founders in the community.

Our Packages Come With A 110% Guarantee!

Are you confident you’ll hit $1,000,000 in sales this year? If you don’t have a plan then we would love to help. Our 7-step program and templates will set you on a path to 7 figures.


DTC Growth Plan Package

  • Outline of a Launch Plan
  • 1 Year Projection Model
  • Unit Economics Model
  • 12 Month Growth Calendar Example

Workshop + Coaching Calls

  • Lifetime access to content
  • 12 playbook videos, 20 templates, and 12 videos
  • Access to 10 interviews with founders that were in your same position
  • 60 minute coaching calls with our growth team and other founders.

GrowthHit Guarantee

If you’ve done the work and haven’t made progress after 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.


How is this different from other growth programs?

Other courses are designed for senior marketers and established companies. They are packed with dated case studies and theories.

Not this one.

Our program is built for founders of ecommerce companies that are pre-funded. We understand that you’re taking on the task of growth in addition to the many hats you’re forced to wear.

We offer exercises, frameworks, and templates that give you a step-by-step process to hit $1M in sales.

This isn’t just a course. It’s a proven roadmap.

Is this program right for my business model and my stage of growth?

This program is designed for ecommerce brands that are pre-funded. Whether your on the cusp of product market fit or you’re past product market fit, we’ll help you validate that your company is ready to grow. Then we’re focused on growing in an efficient and timely manner because running a sustainable business matters.

This isn’t just a course. It’s a proven roadmap.

While this program is not designed for SaaS or B2B companies, there are lots of takeaways for B2B companies. From the exercises to the growth model, we believe that most companies will benefit from this program.

How custom is this project for me?

Every company’s growth strategy is different. We understand that, and we provide frameworks, tools, and exercises to help you uncover the ideal growth plan based on your business model, stage of growth, and resources.

We also offer monthly coaching calls over ZOOM. You can get direct feedback from our growth team and learn from your peers.

Is this worth the price?

100% Yes! You’ll be able to learn in 8 weeks what has taken us 5 years and over 100 client engagements to uncover.

Most premium agencies charge over $10,000 per month for the proven process. We’re handing this process over to you along with the roadmap to pull it off.

What resources will I need to pull this off?

This course is designed for pre-funded ecommerce startups that are looking to grow without the resources of a VC-backed company. An ad budget is not necessary. If you have a budget (even if it’s tiny) we’ll show you how to maximize that spend.

Learn How 17 High Growth Brands Get Customers to Say

...“Shut Up And Take my Money” (INCLUDES EXAMPLES)