101 Marketing Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Featured image - 101 Marketing Tools to Help Grow Your Business

The ultimate list of 101 marketing tools every growth hacker needs to know about to grow their business.

Let’s talk marketing tools.

Free social sharing tools. $10,000 Analytics platforms. Resources for analyzing your competitors’ ads.

Our growth team has compiled the ultimate list of the 101 Marketing Tools we have used or researched to help our clients grow.  Below is an inside look at the resources we leverage to give our clients a competitive advantage.

The resources are broken down into the following sections (click to jump to that section):

1. Analytics
2. Email Marketing Tools
3. Landing Pages
4. Automation & Optimization
5. SEO Tools
6. Social Media Tools
7. Social Analytics
8. Hashtags
9. Outreach Tools
10. Marketing Research Tools




1. Kissmetrics




Price: $20 / Month
Details: A customer-based analytics platform that has event based tracking and cross platform integrations.  Used by companies like Unbounce, SendGrid, Has custom dashboards for eCommerce and SaaS companies.


2. Hubspot


Hubspot Dashboard


Price: $800 / Month (And Up)
Details: CRM. Analytics Tracking. A/B Testing. One of the more robust marketing tools that allows you to control your content, channels and marketing performance while getting a 360 degree view of the people who matter most to your company from your dashboard. Lots of tools but has a long integration cycle.


3. Marketo




Price: $895 / Month
Details: According to Marketo, The #1 marketing automation solution for organizations of any size.  Strong suite of tools including email segmentation, SEO tools and custom dashboards.  Still waiting on them to update their UI to be one of our favorite marketing tools.


4. Amplitude




Price: $200 / Month
Details: Amplitude is a web and mobile analytics platform that allows you to understand what your users are doing with your product across all platforms on web and mobile.  Very strong for mobile-first companies.


5. Compass




Price: $16 / Month
Details: The all in one analytics dashboard to grow your eCommerce business.  Very simple and very focused on eCommerce.  Simply integration with Shopify, Stripe and Facebook.


6. ClickTale




Price: TBD
Details: Clicktale reveals consumer behavior, needs and intent at every touchpoint of the digital conversation, delivering insights to delight customers and create more value. Simply put, understand where users are clicking.


7. Heap


heap analytics


Price: $199 / Month
Details: Event based tracking with extensive integration. Very powerful but you need a developer or technical marketer to set it up the right way. Bonus, it has retroactive tracking


8. Mixpanel




Price: $99 / Month
Details: Similar to Heap with event based tracking and extensive integrations. Very powerful but you need a developer or technical marketer to set it up the right way. Great for mobile apps.


9. Ometria




Price: $1,000 / Month
Details: Powerful eCommerce focused analytics and email marketing tool.  Very focused on the individual customer and retargeting them with personalized content.  Has nice dashboard with ecommerce KPIs like Avg order size, Lifetime value and metrics for your VIP customers.


10. RJ Metrics


kissmetrics ecommerce


Price: From $220 / Month
Details: An eCommerce first analytics tool that helps you optimize every aspect of your business.  Tracks CAC (customer acquisition cost), ARR, churn and lifetime value. Extensive Integration and you’ll need the help of a developer technical marketer.


11. Monkey Data


monkey data


Price: $80 / Month
Details: Basic analytics tool designed for eCommerce companies. Integrates with most eCommerce based websites. Not as robust as the others but also not as expensive.


12. Quantcast




Price: TBD
Details: Powerful cross-platform audience measurement trusted by leading publishers like Buzzfeed.  Strong audience segmentation tool that’s also used by eCommerce companies.


13. Interstate Analytics


Interstate Analytics


Price: From $400 / Month
Details: Powerful analytics tool to track attribution and ROI across all marketing channels. Used by Everlane and Betabrand.  Great tool for marketers with robust paid campaigns over $25,000 per month.


14. Hotjar




Price: $89 / Month
Details: All-in-one analytics and feedback. Hotjar is a way to understand your web and mobile site visitors. Identify opportunities for  site improvement using.  Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.


15. Lucky Orange


lucky orange

Price: $9 / Month
Details: Real Time Web Analytics to see how your visitors actually use your website. See every person that is on your site at this very moment.  Think Google Analytics “Real Time” view but on steroids.


16. Segment




Price: From $100 / Month
Details: Collect customer data with one API and send it to hundreds of tools for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing.  Used by companies like Bonobos, Hotels Tonight and Instacart.


17. ClickMeter




Price: $29 / Month
Details: Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate.


18. Impactana




Price: $99 / Month
Details: Find the most shared content and the most powerful influencers on the internet by category and by keyword.  Strong analytics tool for content marketers.


19. Bit.ly




Price: Free
Details: Simply put, track your links and see who clicks on them.  Bitly’s free version has a cap on how many you can track.


20. Google Analytics Dashboard Templates

Google Analytics Dashboard Templates

Price: Free
Details: Obviously, we have to mention Google Analytics.  It’s free and it allows you to track basic metrics around acquisition and behavior.  As a bonus, here are 10 custom Google Analytics dashboards to use.  Your free account has an allowance of 20 dashboards.


Email Marketing Tools


21. Mailchimp



Price: From $10 / Month
Details: Very simply and easy to use email service provider that integrates with everyone under the sun. Has transactional and workflow email options.  Great option for first time email marketers.


22. Get Drip



Price: From $49 / Month
Details: Lightweight Marketing Automation email tool with powerful email drip campaigns. Hence the name Get Drip.


23. Customer.io



Price: From $100 / Month
Details: Behavioral messaging automation that puts customers first. Harness web & mobile app data to trigger, personalize, and scale messages that convert.  Great tool for B2B email marketers or any email campaigns that require multiple emails based on actions.


24. GetResponse



Price: From $15 / Month
Details: Marketing automation tool. Marketers can make newsletters and setup user flows.


25. Campaign Monitor


campaign monitor


Price: From $9 / Month
Details: Very user friendly email service provider that’s used by Buzzfeed.  They have transactional emails and action based email workflows. (It’s used by GrowthHit!)


26. SumoMe




Price: $100 / Month
Details: Suite of email capture tools that allow users to grow traffic with email welcome mat, popup email capture and more.  Also, nice integration with Google Analytics to track your conversion rate.  (Bonus: they have a great blog.)


27. ThriveLeads


thrive leads


Price: $97 / Month
Details: Email capture products that include an email welcome mat, popup email capture and more. Comparable to SumoMe.


28. OptinMonster




Price: $49 / Month
Details: Create and A/B test beautiful lead capture forms without a developer. Good for opt in sign ups like “Join to get our Summer Style Guide PDF” or some other type of guide.


29. Klaviyo


Klaviyo Email Service Provider


Price: $250 / month (and up)
Details: If you have an eCommerce website and want to to powerful email campaigns by user behavior or profile then this is your solution. Very simple integration with Shopify.


Landing Pages


30. Optimizely




Price: $49 / Month
Details: Enterprise-level A/B testing and personalization for the web and mobile apps. Custom landing pages. Nice user experience.


31. Unbounce




Price: $99 / Month
Details: Unbounce lets marketers build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software. A/B testing and lead generation make it a powerful marketing tool.


32. LeadPages




Price: $49 / Month
Details: Create custom landing pages without messing with any code. Nice user experience. Hard to go wrong with this one or any of the two above.


33. Kickoff labs


kickofflabs marketing tools


Price: $39 / Month
Details: Increase email collection for your newsletters, contests, launches and events with their suite of tools like the viral boost pages and the opt-in forms.


Marketing Automation & Optimization


34. Zapier




Price: $20 / Month
Details: Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. They have an extensive library of apps to pick from.  It’s used by GrowthHit!






Price: FREE
Details: Connect various platforms to do automated commands like social posts or notifications.  Very user friendly.


36. Anygrowth




Price: $31 / Month
Details: Anygrowth is a growth hacking platform allowing users to automate marketing tasks. Automate Twitter tasks, enrich email databases, extract Facebook ids from Facebook groups…


37. Auto Pilot


autopilot marketing tools


Price: $20 / Month
Details: Automate customer journeys as simply as drawing on a whiteboard. Engage at just the right time with personalized email, in-app messages, SMS, and postcards.


38. Ad Espresso


adespresso marketing tools


Price: $49 / Month
Details: Optimize your Facebook Ads Easily, Like Morning Coffee. Their smart robot is ready to optimize your Facebook ads. Also, they have a great blog on Facebook ads.


39. Growth Hackers Projects


growthhackers projects


Price: $15 / Month
Details: Growth collaboration software for teams by Sean Ellis (CEO of Growth Hackers). Sean invented the term “Growth Hacker” so he knows a thing or to about the growth process.


40. Ladder.io


ladder.io playbook


Price: $100 / Month
Details: A growth agency created a drag and drop growth planning tool with 1,000+ proven growth tactics.


41. Close.io


close.io marketing tools


Price: $65 / Month
Details: Make & receive calls with one click emails sent & received are automatically tracked.  It’s one sales workflow with no manual data entry.



SEO Tools


42. SEMrush




Price: Free
Details: Insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic, seo and paid search, and link building.


43. Mozbar




Price: Free
Details: They have lots of free and paid tools.  This chrome extension allows you to easily audit a website from an SEO perspective: H1 tags, meta description, backlinks, etc.


44. ScreamingFrog – SEO Spider


seo spider


Price: Free
Details: A tool that analyzes websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from a SEO perspective. Good for analyzing your company or your competitors.


45. Ahrefs




Price: $99 / Month
Details: Track your backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and know what your competitors are doing.  Very powerful but a little pricey.


46. Majestic


majestic seo marketing tools


Price: From $49.99 / Month
Details: Link intelligence tools for SEO and internet PR and marketing. Site explorer shows inbound link and site summary data.


47. SpyFu




Price: $79 / Month
Details: Download your competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search traffic.  Yes, it’s a spy tool.


48. SearchMan




Price: Free
Details: Self-serve big data tool makes it easier for mobile apps to compete for visibility inside the Apple & Android Play app stores. Great for any app companies.


49. iSpionage



Price: $59 / Month
Details: A tool that allows you to steal a competitor’s traffic and uncover their conversion strategy.


50. KeywordSpy




Price: $89 / Month
Details: A paid SEO tool that allows you to see what Keywords competitors are using to get their top performing traffic.

51. Free SEO Tool

Free SEO Tool

Price: Free
Details: Need a free SEO web crawler? Enter your URL (or your competitors URL) and see how optimized it is for one keyword search term.

52. UberSuggest


uber suggest


Price: Free
Details: A resources that helps you predict long tail keywords based on keywords in your industry.


Social Media Tools


53. HootSuite




Price: Free / $9 per Month
Details: A social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple networks and profiles and measure performance.


54. Buffer




Price: Free / $9 per Month
Details: A social media management tools that allows you to share any page you’re reading across multiple platforms. As a bonus, Buffer has a great blog on content marketing and startups.


55. Edgar



Price: $50 / Month
Details: A social media scheduling tool that will fill and auto populate content on it’s own.  You can program it by keywords or industry and let it run.


56. Social Quant




Price: $50 / Month
Details: Social Quant is a website traffic and engagement tool on Twitter that will help you increase your social following.


57. FollowerWonk




Price: From $29 / Month
Details: A resource that allows you to search twitter users by content and biography.  Allows you to connect with the right twitter users and understand your audience even better.


58. Socedo




Price: $300 / Month
Details: A B2B demand generation system for the social world. Socedo can help you discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to increase revenue at scale.


59. TweetFavy




Price: $9 / Month
Details: TweetFavy is a self proclaimed “Growth Hacking Tool” that allows you to automate your Twitter marketing campaign and grow your social following.


60. Instagress




Price: From $0.66 / Day
Details: An online Instagram bot on the web that allows you to automate your activity and get more followers, likes and comments on Instagram.


61. Narrow




Price: $19 / Month
Details: Narrow is a Twitter marketing automation tool that helps you build a targeted following.


62. Crowdfire




Price: FREE
Details: Crowdfire is one of the only free marketing tools where you can monitor you followers, unfollowers and target potential followers.


63. Mention




Price: $29 / Month
Details: Think of Mention as Google Alerts on steroids. With Mention you can monitor in real-time about anything on the web and social media. React quickly, collaborate & analyze your online presence.


64. Sniply




Price: $29 / Month
Details: Sniply is the one of the most powerful social marketing tools because it allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action with every link you share.


65. TweetDeck




Price: FREE
Details: TweetDeck is a social browser that allows you to stay in the know with everything happening on your social platforms.


66. FanHarvest




Price: $15 / Month
Details: Automate your Instagram marketing by auto likes and unlikes, auto follow and unfollow, auto comments, auto DM and even 100% auto post scheduling. This rolls all the Instagram growth tools in one.


67. Colibri




Price: $45 / Month
Details: Colibri IO is a set of growth hacking tools that monitors SEO, inbound marketing, social signals and content marketing.


68. Brand24




Price: $49 / Month
Details: Brand24 gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web. Used by H&M, Ikea and Uber.


69. Easy Social Grow




Price: $99 / Month
Details: Social media organic growth made simple, bringing you real twitter likes and followers, increased engagement and hot leads on social medias everyday.


70. Get Crate


Get Crate


Price: Free
Details: Discover, curate and schedule relevant content within seconds via Twitter and Buffer. One of the marketing tools that allow you to navigate and filter through all the social content on the web.


71. Growth Geeks


growth greeks


Price: $99 / Month
Details: An outsourcing serve that will run your social campaigns and help you grow your social followers and increase engagement.

72. TribeBoost




Price: $129 / Month
Details: Using proprietary software and methodology, TribeBoost fosters the growth of Twitter audience with targeted and influential new leads.

73. Pinterest Bot


followliker pinterest bot


Price: $58 / Month
Details: A powerful multipurpose software that makes it easy to follow, unfollow, like and automate all your Pinterest tasks.

Social Analytics


74. Union Metrics


union metrics


Price: From $525 / Month
Details: Get answers, not just analytics from Union Metrics. A social analytics platform that provides answers to your biggest questions, on the channels you use most.


75. Agora Pulse


agora pulse


Price: $29 / Month
Details: Manage all social media messages in one place. Schedule and publish content. Get pretty reports on their performance and reach.


76. StatusBrew




Price: From $99 / Year
Details: A complete social media management tool for audience growth and scheduling content with a powerful “measure” analytics feature to show it’s impact.


77. IconoSquare




Price: $29 / Month
Details: An analytics tool built just for Instagram. Get total likes received, most liked photos ever, average number of likes and comments per photo, follower growth charts and more advanced analytics.


78. Tweriod




Price: FREE
Details: Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet and it analyzes both your tweets and your followers’ tweets. So you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others.


79. BuzzBundle




Price: From $199
Details: Find online conversations about your company, brand or products and engage with your audience.


80. Social Sprout


sprout social


Price: $59 / Month
Details: A management & engagement platform for social businesses. Build and maintain your community by easily starting, monitoring and joining social conversations.


81. Social Rank


social rank


Price: From $49 / Month
Details: SocialRank helps you find your best followers, most valuable followers, and most engaged followers on Twitter.


82. SquareLovin




Price: TBD
Details: Get a closer look on how user generated content platforms enable brands to tell their unique story, acknowledge ambassadors and stimulate action, at every point of contact.




83. TagBoard




Price: Free
Details: Think of this as Google search for social media hashtags. Tagboard pulls in relevant content within seconds of posts so you can engage in real time.


84. HashtagifyMe




Price: TBD
Details: Find the best Twitter hashtags to reach your audience. Search their relations and influencers with this Twitter hashtags search engine.


Outreach Tools


85. GroupHigh




Price: TBD
Details: Find the best bloggers and influencers, manage your relationships, and measure the value of your content. a powerful outreach tool used by Lowe’s and Kohler.


86. Buzzstream




Price: $24 / Month
Details: Research influencers, manage your relationships, and conduct outreach that’s personalized and efficient. Used by Razorfish and Rackspace.






Price: From $6.95 / Month
Details: A powerful mail merge tool that uses Gmail and Google Sheets to send personalized emails to potential partners. Requires some set up but very inexpensive.


88. Outreachr




Price: $145 / Month
Details: A powerful influencer outreach tool that allows companies to target influencers by verticals on various social channels.


89. InkyBee




Price: $79 / Month
Details: A suite of research and discovery tools built for marketing agencies to help audit and understand a client’s sector in more detail.


90. PitchBox




Price: $95 / Month
Details: Pitchbox automates the manual work of outreach by doing prospecting by industry and offering a scalable outreach solution.


91. Ninja Outreach




Price: $29 / Month
Details: An outreach tool that allows you to filter for influencers by how big their reach is on various social channels.


Marketing Research Tools


92. BuzzSumo


buzzsumo marketing tools


Price: From $99 / Month
Details: Search by keyword to analyze what articles are being shared the most on various social media platforms. Great tool for testing content ideas and user demand.


93. Import.io




Price: $249 / Month
Details: A tool that helps you create your own data sets in minutes with zero coding required. Simply put, you can pull large amounts of data from a webpage or directory to use for your benefit.


94. Norbert




Price: From $0.10 / Lead
Details: Norbert can help you find anyone corporate contact information for your lead research, talent acquisition, PR or HR.


95. Audience Insights


facebook insights


Price: Free
Details: The Audience Insights tool by Facebook allows marketers to upload an email list to get detailed information on their most valuable users.

96. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Marketing tools

Price: Free
Details: If you go into your Google Adwords account you’ll notice a tool called Keyword Planner.  This resources allows you to type in various keywords so you can see the monthly search demand for that word along with the suggested bid for your paid search campaigns.


97. SimilarWeb


Price: Free
Details: How much traffic is a competitor getting? Where is it getting it’s traffic? What are the best social channels? SimilarWeb shows you a competitor’s traffic and where the traffic is coming from.


98. Mechanical Turk

amazon mechanical turk

Price: Variable
Details: An inexpensive marketplace for human intelligence tasks such as email or information sourcing.


99. Make My Persona

The Awesome Buyer Persona Word Doc Generator.

Price: Free
Details: Quick and easy buyer persona development for your inbound marketing strategy with MakeMyPersona from HubSpot.

100. Moat

Moat Ad Search

Price: Free
Details: Ever wonder what ads your competitors are running? Moat allows you to see every display ad your competitors are pushing.  One of the top ad marketing tools that offers inspiration on what to do or what not to do based on your competition.


101. Site Alerts




Price: From $10 / Month
Details: A marketing tool for tracking your competitors to understand their best keywords, press, top traffic drivers and social media conversations.


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