Last updated: September 15, 2020

Top 11 Slides from the 2020 GrowthHackers Conference

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The 11 slides from the GrowthHackers Conference that made me stop and take a screenshot.


Two weeks ago I got to MC the 2020 GrowthHackers conference with Sean Ellis.

Sean is the CEO of GrowthHackers and he invented the phrase “Growth Hacker.”

Why is this a memorable milestone? I remember diving into his content back in 2013 and I couldn’t get enough of this concept of growth hacking.

So presenting with him in 2020 was crazy.

While it was just a video conference it was a surreal moment for me.

Okay, enough of me being a fan-boying over the Growth Hacker pioneer.

While MC-ing the GrowthHackers conference, I saw some killer presentations and I swiped those slides for you. Here we go:

The top 11 slides from the 2020 GrowthHackers Conference.

Product is the New Landing Page

For B2B companies, the magic moment is your product so leverage a free trial to get people into your product as fast as possible. Eric Keating at Appcues calls it the “Product-Led Funnel.” Only 27% of visitors are familiar with how the product helps them before the free trial. Notice how his funnel puts “create a free account” as the 2nd step in the journey. growthhackers conference slides

Pyramid for Building Value Driven Growth from Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis, GrowthHackers Founder, spoke about the 5 key steps to amplifying “must have” value that drives breakout growth. It’s worth highlighting step 2: Understanding your core value and the persona that loves your product. That core value should drive all experiment ideas. The value delivery engine example with Slack was a great visual as well. Check out the diagram below.


10 Growth Hacks that Led to $500k in Sales

The CEO of GetLatka broke down the 10 unique ways he drove growth for his B2B product. Below is the screenshot of his 10 hacks. The ones that stood out to me:

  • Launching a free chrome extension: Tools like Outreach Everywhere and Zooming have helped these brands accelerate their email list.
  • Founderpath is a creative way for SaaS founders to get funding based on their MRR.
  • Supercharge your content with ContentFly for writing content and ClearScope for making that content SEO-friendly.

The First 100 Days of Growth

Nancy Hensley, CMO at Stats Perform, listed out her 10 tips for launching a growth team at a new company. The slide below lists the 10 key things but the ones I liked where around (1) owning the data and (2) start small but with buy in from the right people. Those two things are key for getting out of the gate the right way.


How Market Experiments Drive Your Launch Strategy

Raakhi Agrawal from BCG Digital Ventures laid out two slides I loved. First, the 5 phases of her Go-to-Market Methodology with emphasis on market testing and how to understand unit economics. The second was her toolkit of platforms for market testing.

Here is how she defined market experiments:

Market Experiments are live campaigns and/or tactics executed to gain quantifiable insight from live-market audiences. These inform your strategy and your user path.

5 Types of Growth Experiments

Rachid Harrassi, the Chief Product Officer at Lookiero had an impressive talk about running growth experiments. I particularly liked his slide on the 5 types of experiments you can run:

  1. Validating problem
  2. Validating user value
  3. Validating product value
  4. Validating business value
  5. Validating growth channel

The Risk and Reward of Running CRO Experiments

The Head of CRO and Growth at Automattic, Nicholas Garofalo, had the best CRO presentation of the day.  He went behind the scenes and showed us his exact testing process at WordPress. Even better, he gave us case studies of his biggest failures and the insights from those.  Foe example, the test below of adding a VIP price to the pricing table resulted in a 8% drop in normal conversions with no benefit to the VIP pricing.

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