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COMING SOON: A scary fast WordPress theme that’s designed to convert visitors into customers.


 Built by an SEO expert. Designed by a growth hacker

6 Reasons Why GrowthSpark is Better than the Rest

1. Built for Speed & Conversion

GrowthSpark is one of the fastest, most speed-optimized themes available.

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Wordpress Theme Mobile Friendly

2. Mobile Responsive & SEO-Friendly

Designed by an SEO expert, GrowthSpark is optimized for search and built with a mobile-first mindset. GrowthSpark looks great on any device.

3. Full Page Email Pop-Up & Scroll Box

Email pop-up tools can cost over $100 per month. GrowthSpark has a free full page email capture tool that’s fully customizable and a scroll box conversion tool on every blog post.

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Wordpress Theme Email Scrollbox

4. A Website Designed by Conversion Experts

We interviewed 30+ marketing experts about landing pages and blog pages that convert. We incorporated their recommendations into the landing page and blog.

5. Customizable for Your Individual Needs

Choose from out curated list of popular typeforms and select any color to make the GrowthSpark theme match your brand.

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Wordpress Theme No Plugins Needed

6. Get Rid of Unnecessary Plugins with Our Built-in Features 

Too many plugins can significantly slow down a site.  GrowthSpark includes features for the header, footer, Google analytics and Facebook pixel.

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