The Top High-Growth Marketing Funnels to Watch

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What are the best startups doing really well? And how can you learn from their high-growth marketing funnels?

Question: What do these high growth companies have in common:

💸 Smile Direct: $1.2B Valuation
Third Love: Raised $55M
Urology: Raised $17M
💸 Bevel: Raised $33M
Peleton: 4.2B Valuation

Besides owning a pool of money to dive into, they have ridiculously good marketing funnels.

These sites have been tested and optimized to educate and convert site visitors.

Someone should audit these sites so we can see what tactics they’re using to convert visitors.

Well, look at that.

We analyzed the Top High-Growth Marketing Funnels of 2019 and we’re telling you what you need to know.  Below is a presentation that goes into detail about what these startups are doing ridiculously well.

This presentation is from the Growth Marketing Meetup in Seattle, WA at Create33 by Yonathan Ayenew, COO of GrowthHit.



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