Last updated: February 08, 2022

How Email Marketing Tools Can Aid Your Marketing Strategy

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Your marketing efforts aren’t yielding many results, mainly because of the absence of a streamlined workflow and automation. Sound familiar? Well, it’s about time you start using email marketing tools.

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 report, 87% of marketers use email to distribute their content. Why is that? Because 80% of small and medium businesses use email marketing for customer retention while 81% use it for primary customer acquisition.

But here’s the catch: Yours is not the only email your prospect receives. We live in a world where everyone is constantly receiving emails from services, their workplace, friends, family, marketers, and so on.

Amidst this influx, you can increase the chance of getting your email noticed by using email marketing tools to your advantage. Let’s take a closer look at how these tools help your marketing strategy.


What’s the Deal With Email Marketing?

Email marketing uses email to market a product or service and ensures customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention. In a nutshell, businesses use emails to get customers on board, communicate with the acquired customers, and later send them updates on new products, services, discounts, and promotions.

You may wonder, why use email in a world where social media is winning the race? According to Statista, there will be 4.3 billion email users in 2022 and are expected to exceed 4.6 billion by 2025. Since nearly half the world uses email, it makes sense for businesses to approach their target and existing customer pool through this channel.


Email Marketing Tools and Their Purpose

Email marketing tools are automated programs that handle all kinds of tasks like distribution, sequencing, segmenting, analyzing the engagement rate, and more.

Some companies perform so well by leveraging emails because they’re using some of the best email marketing tools out there. For instance, many email marketing platforms offer pre-designed templates for emails. These are particularly helpful for small businesses and entrepreneurs who may not have sufficient DIY expertise or resources to hire someone to design templates.

Similarly, email marketing automation tools help automate several marketing campaign steps, reducing manual toil.


Common Features of Email Marketing Platforms

Here are some standard features that make email marketing a valuable resource for any business.

Smart Segmentation

Segmentation refers to the process of dividing a list into subsets to be able to reach them with tailored messages. Email marketing tools help marketers segment their lists to send individualized emails using different content for buyers across different stages of the sales funnel, from the ones ready to buy immediately to those who just showed interest.

You can also segment customers by age, demographic, income level, interests, and other characteristics.


Email automation is a series of tasks that execute in a predetermined order without manual intervention.

Let’s say the very first step in your email automation process is to welcome newly signed-up customers on their confirmation day with an email containing details about your company and their subscription plan. Instead of sending these emails manually, you can use an email marketing tool to automate welcome emails. Automating workflows using email marketing tools is highly effective in lead-nurturing and driving sales.

Pre-Designed Templates

An email marketing software may also have pre-designed templates that companies can customize according to their branding efforts. Such templates save you time, improve communication, and promote brand consistency.

Actional Analytics

Email marketing tools also give you actionable insights since you can see the performance of your campaign in the dashboard. You can use these tools to track important key performance indicators, such as open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, deliverability rate, etc.

Ability to Create Multiple Email Campaigns

Depending on how diverse your company’s offerings are, you might want to create different email campaigns for each category or service. The best email marketing tools have provisions for this, as they support multi-campaign management and segmentation.


How Email Marketing Automation Tools Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Email marketing automation tools can help businesses of all sizes in the following ways:

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is an integral aspect of marketing.

Email marketing tools help businesses create and maintain customer profiles, follow up on the engagement rate, and provide alerts for new customers. This information can also be used to segment lists so that you can send relevant emails in the future.

Makes Content Creation Simple

Automation tools also simplify the process of content creation since you just have to select the template that best fits your requirements.

Since the tools already segment your target consumers based on your preferred indicators, you can create personalized content for each segment. You can even manage multiple email campaigns using automation software since it provides analytic insight into every campaign you create.

Allows Your Marketing Messages to Reach Targeted Audiences

Email marketing tools for small businesses are particularly effective because they can help you create, manage, and track comprehensive email campaigns without many human or monetary resources. Features like segmentation, email surveys, and robust analytics allow email marketing platforms to ensure marketing messages reach the right audience.

You can engage prospects on your email list with offers or updates about your service. For instance, an automation tool can send personalized emails to every subscriber, offering them your membership plans. 


Email Marketing Tools Examples

Here are some examples of email marketing software:

  • Mailchimp
  • Omnisend
  • ActiveCampaign
  • SendPulse
  • Klaviyo
  • ConvertKit
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Hubspot


When Is the Right Time to Get Started With Email Marketing Tools?

You should start using email marketing tools as soon as you build an email marketing strategy and have a substantial email list.

These tools help segment lists by providing sales, sign-ups, and website activity data. They offer pre-designed templates for content creation, show insights for your email marketing campaigns, and allow you to create multiple email marketing campaigns through a single platform.

A solution like GrowthHit could be just what you need to bring your customer-centric process to life while uncovering sales, producing wins, and increasing sales through solid email marketing campaigns.

Jim Huffman

Founder & CEO GrowthHit. Startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. Author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook #1

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