Last updated: February 18, 2022

How Landing Pages Impact Your Conversion Rate

Growth Marketing

When it comes to marketing your brand, having a well-designed landing page can help attract customers. Whether it is informative written content, infographics, or a video demo, a well-designed landing page is bound to attract attention. 

Having a good landing page is essential to increase your customer base. Here is everything you need to know about landing pages and how they affect your conversion rate. 

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a single web page on which a customer arrives after clicking a link in a message, ad, email, or social media page. Most landing pages offer a free service, information, or a demo.

The focus of any good landing page is a call to action, a prompt for the viewer to do something that pulls them closer to making a purchase. In short, a landing page is a campaign that is designed to turn your viewers into customers. 

Common Types of Landing Pages

There are different types of landing pages for different kinds of startups/businesses. Each type of landing page content markets your brand differently. 

Here are the four main types of landing pages that you can use for your startup. 

Splash Landing Pages

Splash landing pages are more like advertisement pages to add to your main website. These pages usually consist of a large background image with only a small amount of web copy. 

A splash landing page is more of an advertisement than a landing page. When you open a website, you will often come across a splash screen that will conveys a simple message, piece of news, or CTA.  

Squeeze Landing Pages

Squeeze landing pages are designed to gather data from visitors. They appear when you open a website or a social media post and ask for the visitor’s name, age, email address, or other personal information. 

Brands have to offer something like free trials, infographics, discount codes, etc., in return for the personal data provided by the visitor.

Lead Capture Landing Pages

A lead capture landing page is similar to a squeeze landing page. These pages are specially designed to gather as much data about the visitor as possible and lead them to your homepage. 

These visitors can be your potential customers. Businesses can use this information to generate leads and expand their business. 

Sales Landing Pages

Sales landing pages are specially designed to convert your website visitors into future customers. Therefore, the content of a sales page should instantly engage the viewer and draw their attention to your product or service.

Brands use high-quality images and calls to action to keep their viewers interested. In addition, these pages have buttons, links, and social media icons to keep viewers engaged. 

Landing Pages and Their Impact on Conversions

Landing pages are essential for businesses to convert their regular, everyday viewers into long-term customers. It is an important marketing tool to help expand your business and customer base. 

68% of small and large scale businesses use a landing page to increase sales. Some companies think it’s quite challenging to create a landing page. However, it’s quite simple provided you adhere to a focused strategy.

Having a land page can land you customers without much effort. Especially now, when several landing pages templates and tools are available to ease the process.

Key Elements of High-Converting Landing Pages

It’s important to fully optimize your landing page to create more sales. There are a few key factors to consider when designing a landing page. With several landing page tools and trusted growth marketing agencies, you can create the best landing page for your brand.

Here are the key elements of a high-converting landing page: 

Creative and Engaging Calls to Action

Having a low quality call to action (CTA) results in visitors losing interest in your landing page quickly. Link stuffing is one of the main causes of low conversion rates as it looks less focused. 

Your landing page needs to have a focused goal with little-to-no clutter. Landing pages with more than one CTA can misguide or overwhelm the visitor.

An Alluring Headline

Catchy headlines can help reduce bounce and keep people on your landing page longer. The headline is the first thing visitors will see on your page, so make it good!

Your headline should target a problem along and propose a solution. Visitors who identify with the problem in your headline, and are excited to find a solution, will stick around. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should tell your whole story in the headline. Instead, it should give away enough information to catch the visitor’s attention while holding back enough to keep them curious.

Intuitive User Experience

Since most people use their phones and tablets to explore the internet, making your landing page compatible with these devices is important. Furthermore, your landing page should load quickly.

No one likes to wait for minutes at a time for a web page to load.. Use lighter images that are compatible with a wide variety of devices to optimize user experience.

Visual Elements

Websites with strong visual elements attract more visitors. In-keeping with this, landing pages with eye-catching images have higher conversion rates. 

Designers use psychology to direct the eye, leading the visitor through all the important information about your brand. 

Content Relevant to the Initial Search

Lastly, your content should go well with the topic. Stay focused on the main goal and provide high-quality and to-the-point content to your visitors. 

Web content with more links, cluttered images, and unnecessary information can quickly lose customers. 

How to Get Started With Landing Page Optimization

The biggest mistake that most businesses make is that they do not track the behavior of visitors on their landing page. They also fail to use an effective CTA, which is the most important part of a high-converting landing page. 

To optimize your landing page properly, you can consult with trusted growth market agencies like Growthhit. They will provide you with a complete growth assessment, create ROI-focused hypotheses, conduct tests, and collect insights to ensure your landing page has the highest conversion rate possible.

It’s important to spend time and create a landing page that truly defines your brand. Get a free strategy call with Growthhit today and upgrade your business!

Jim Huffman

Founder & CEO GrowthHit. Startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. Author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook #1

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