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How To Choose a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

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You may think you’ve mastered SEO because you’re getting the number of visitors and clicks you want, but that’s only the initial step of digital marketing. The real struggle is converting those visitors into customers. 

In this case, conversion rate optimization is the only solution you need. This process involves testing and optimizing the company website, such as the website design, content layout, CTA buttons, etc. 

These factors are bound to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers when they can complete their desired goal on your website. Every company has a different CRO goal and metrics to measure its success. 

Conversion rate optimization agencies help achieve these goals by performing the critical role of conversion rate marketing. Here’s how to choose the right conversion rate optimization agency for your business.


What Should You Consider When Choosing a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency?

Keep these elements in mind while hiring a conversion rate optimization agency for your business:

1. Your Business Goals

First, you need to consider your business goals in marketing and SEO. Each company has different metrics to measure its success, which is why the marketing team needs to have a marketing plan before consulting a CRO agency.

The CRO agency of your choice should be able to understand your goals and meet your metrics for success. In addition, they should have the expertise to detect areas for improvement where they believe they can offer a better conversion rate optimization strategy for more sales. 

The marketing strategy of the CRO agency must align with your end goal, following your company’s KPIs and frequently iterating itself for the best results. In addition, the agency must utilize AB and Multivariate Testing to determine how the changing market trends affect your conversation optimization strategy.

2. Customer Experience

Secondly, the CRP agency you choose needs to focus almost entirely on customer experience above all factors. Therefore, they need to provide your company with the required quantitative data, such as the bounce rate, conversion percentage, and the number of visits. 

In addition, they must also offer qualitative data, allowing a detailed view of the user experience for your services. In this case, the agency can utilize heatmaps to display the areas your users have found a liking to. 

As a result, your company can collaborate with the CRO agency to determine the areas of improvement, pinpoint customer experience or technical issues, and optimize the website accordingly. Of course, the user interface is a vital part of the user experience.

CRO experts may help with your website’s interaction design, information architecture, visual components, and other aspects. The more you focus on the usability of your website, the better the customer experience is bound to be.

3. Client Testimonials

Before choosing a conversion rate optimization agency to work with, you must look closely at their client testimonials. If the client testimonials show proof of the agency’s ability to adapt to various marketing plans and goals, they might be a reputable option for your business. 

It’s best to research the increased ROI and sales of some of the CRO agency’s clients before hiring them. This gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of success when working with specific CRO agencies. Then, if their client testimonials seem similar to your success metrics, you can take your shot at working with them.

4. Testing Projects

The next thing you need to do is analyze their previous testing projects. Most CRO agencies offer these details on their website. Otherwise, you can contact the agency and ask for details on their previous work. 

These testing projects are available in the form of case studies. Here, you’ll be able to determine their source of converting traffic and what web analytic tools they use for their services. If a CRO agency claims not to use any tools for conversion rate optimization, it’s best to discard them as an option. 

The tools they use are great indicators of the agency’s success and expertise, with the essential being AB and Multivariate testing tools. However, regardless of what tool they use, their aim should be to convert traffic and focus on the bounce rate, session length, etc. 

5. Solid Track Record

Undoubtedly, it’s good to give small businesses a chance, but it’s best to ensure that the CRO agency has a solid track record before working with you. Certain awards and accolades speak of a CRO agency’s credibility, but their main achievement should be providing a solid conversion rate optimization for all their clients. 

The agency shouldn’t just aid you in the optimization process, but they should be able to attain real results. They must educate your marketing team on how to increase conversion rate, optimize CTAs, and more.


Conversion Rate Optimizations Services That Agencies Typically Offer

Most reputable conversion rate agencies offer these services:

Split Testing and Multivariate Testing

AB and Multivariate testing is the most important aspect of conversion rate optimization. Companies can optimize the execution of lucrative marketing campaigns only if the data-driven conversion rate initiatives are appropriate for the business and its audience. 

Most CRO agencies offer CRO testing that depends on your marketing goals, website performance, and business needs. That includes testing which CTA works most efficiently, switching between various landing pages, and more. 

AB split testing allows CRO agencies to test two versions of your web page and split the traffic for each version. As a result, they can determine which page is performing better, moving on to test it against another version of the web page.

On the other hand, multivariate testing allows them to test various web pages at the same time. For example, the agency could test: 3 headlines x 2 CTAs x 2 images = 12 page versions.

Landing Page Design

CRO agencies include landing page design and optimization as critical aspects of their project. That’s because this is the user’s first impression of your website, which is why much consideration and testing goes into its optimization. 

A good CRO agency will know the fundamental components of a compelling landing page, such as a functional CTA button, visual elements, interactive displays, skimmable content structure, and more. 

Each of these elements must capture the user’s attention enough to want to try out your services. There’s no doubt that your website is the main influential factor in improving your conversion rates, which is why it stays at the top of a CRO agency’s list of priorities.

The elements mentioned above, especially the CTA and placement of certain site elements, influence the bounce rate and user conversion. In this case, CRO experts utilize web design and development practices to optimize your landing pages.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are a part of the compulsory services offered by conversion rate optimization agencies. They utilize tools such as Google Analytics to track the bounce rate, session duration, online traffic, page views, and other behavioral metrics. 

Companies can benefit from these actionable insights to optimize their web pages and marketing strategies and collaborate with the agency to improve the conversion rate. CRO agencies also offer actionable insights by analyzing user behavior and finding out what’s working and isn’t.

As a result, they’re able to create real-time, valuable reports that your marketing team can significantly benefit from and improve their SEO efforts. That includes reports of structured, unstructured, quantitative, and qualitative data. 

Initial Website User Testing

Initial website user testing is another essential aspect of conversion rate optimization that CRO agencies never overlook. Focusing on the functionality and appearance of your web pages will only be in vain if you never test how users respond to certain changes and interactions on your website. 

User testing allows CRO agencies to gauge user behavior and analyze it to identify patterns and convert visitors into users. That includes their click behavior, purchasing activities, browsing habits, and more. 

As a result, they can create personalized landing pages that cater to the interests and needs of your target market and improve the conversion rate. Moreover, CRO agencies analyze the converted and unconverted audience separately to prepare for the next marketing campaign. 

This allows them to plan strategically and figure out what was missing in the last campaign, which the unconverted audience could benefit from. 

Email Marketing

Conversion rate optimization isn’t just limited to web pages or Google ads; CRO agencies also specialize in email marketing, focusing on turning readers into visitors and then buyers by utilizing certain CRO strategies. 

Their main aim is to optimize your email subject lines and content not just to prevent going to spam but also to ensure the receiver reads it to the end. In addition, it helps companies create personalized and targeted emails to narrow down the desired audience for their services.


The Benefits of Going With Conversion Rate Experts

Companies that work with conversion rate experts can benefit from these factors.

Aids the Efforts of Your Internal Teams

One of the main ways companies benefit from conversion rate optimization is by helping their internal teams and taking a heavy load off their backs. For example, your company’s marketing team can benefit from a CRO expert in various ways. 

One of the main ways a CRO agency helps your internal teams is by offering ideal search engine optimization (SEO) and minimizing your attrition rate. As a result, your content writing team can work on integrating SEO into their website conversion funnel. 

This way, CRO agencies help in times when marketing teams need to generate qualified leads and convert visitors into customers. In addition, your analytics team can benefit from the load off their backs by utilizing the CRO agency’s data-driven reports and analytics tools to minimize manual effort.

Lastly, your IT team will have to perform fewer tests and surveys since the CRO agency is already working on AB Split and Multivariate testing for your web pages. So, it’s safe to say a CRO agency will minimize your internal team’s labor. 

Identifies Any Barriers to Conversion

Another way conversion rate optimization agencies help companies is by identifying any barriers they may be facing during the conversion process. Most of these conversion issues are rooted in the product or service, making visitors unwilling to become customers. 

For example, visitors may be reluctant to convert to customers because your product or service is too expensive. CRO agencies help you optimize your prices to cater to your target audience while still being profitable. 

Other than that, your service or product may have a learning curve, and customers simply don’t want to deal with the complication. In this case, CRO agencies help make the necessary changes in your services that give you competitor leverage. 

Your customers may also refuse to buy your product or service because there’s a better or more trustworthy option out there. Again, CRO agencies come in handy here by generating real-time reports of user behavior on your website and competitor websites to determine what works and doesn’t.

Another main barrier to conversion is that the product or service isn’t necessary or at least not urgently-needed. CRO agencies help create urgency for your product by increasing its value and reducing maximum supply alongside other CRO strategies.


Improve Your Average Conversion Rate With a CRO Company

You may be doing everything necessary to increase sales, but if you overlook conversion rate optimization, those actions will be in vain. Hiring a conversion rate optimization company will help improve your average conversion rate and optimize your web pages to perfectly cater to your target audience. 

GrowthHit is the perfect example of a CRO agency that helps DTC, e-commerce, SaaS, & lead gen companies scale and increase ROI. This agency provides measurable improvements with the help of social media ads, paid search, CRO, email & SMS, landing page design, and creative services. 

Their process is simple and begins with a strategic growth assessment, allowing them to gauge your strategic conversion goals, KPIs, and growth timeline. Then, they create an ROI-focused hypothesis before launching tests and offering reports with insight collection tools. 

Finally, you can benefit from a larger converted audience and an optimized interface. Get a free strategy call now!

Jim Huffman

Founder & CEO GrowthHit. Startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. Author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook #1

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