Last updated: November 08, 2023

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns

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Greetings, master of last-minute hustles! Missed the early bird train for the BFCM campaigns? 

No worries! 

There’s still a glimmering express waiting for you with some Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns. Hop aboard as we navigate through a 10-stop journey to e-commerce success this holiday season. The Santa train of growth strategy has your back 🚂

Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns

1. Ground Yourself with Realistic Goals.

Hold up! Before we start crafting the BFCM magic, let’s keep our aspirations in check. Yes, doubling up on sales would be fantastic, but let’s aim for milestones we can realistically achieve. Maybe a 15% sales bump or gaining 300 new sign-ups? Being late has its perks – you get to focus on quality over quantity.

2. Discounts: The Balancing Act.

Think of discounts as seasonings. Too little, and it’s bland; too much, and you’ll overwhelm the dish. Whether you’re pondering a chic 20% or a whopping 60%, always ensure your discounts resonate with your brand’s voice and value. Over-discounting can cheapen your brand, while under-discounting might seem insincere.  Factor in inventory, return rate, margins, and goals (new customer acquisition vs. profits) when selecting your discount. 

3. Shout-Out to Site Banners.

Your Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns should be as visible as a neon sign in a dim alley. Consider site-wide banners or a catchy mobile sticky footer. If your deals aren’t catching more attention than a cat meme, you’re doing it wrong.  Don’t make your site visitors work to find these deals.  They are busy this holiday so make it easy for them.

4. Trust in the Age-Old Email.

Your email list is akin to a gold mine. Don’t neglect it. Strategize a drip campaign that keeps your subscribers engaged:

  • 10 Days Out: A cryptic teaser. Pique their interest.
  • 5 Days Out: A gentle nudge. “Something big’s coming!”
  • 2 Days Before: The big reveal. Turn up the hype machine.
  • BFCM Weekend: Send multiple reminders without being spammy. It’s a thin line.
  • Post BFCM: A consolation for the latecomers. “Missed out? Here’s a small token just for you!”

5. Custom BFCM Landing Pages.

If time allows, craft a dedicated BFCM landing page for your social ads. It should feel like a VIP lounge for holiday shoppers, where you have sections like “gifts under $100” or “holiday favorites” so visitors know what to buy. This page should function as the friendly sales associate that’s giving you the inside scoop on what to buy..

6. The Power of Pop-Ups.

Time-crunch? If you don’t have time to make a custom landing page then pop-ups to the rescue! While they can be pesky if overused, a well-designed, timely pop-up can act as a gentle nudge towards your deals. Ensure they’re aesthetically pleasing and not an eyesore.

7. Leverage Urgency and Scarcity.

“Only 5 left in stock!” or “Offer ends in 2 hours!” — these statements can nudge customers from contemplation to purchase. Use timers and stock counters to instill a sense of urgency. But remember, authenticity is key. No fake countdowns, please!

8. Engage with Social Media Teasers.

Days leading up to BFCM, sprinkle some teasers and countdowns on your social platforms. Engage followers with polls, quizzes, or sneak peeks. Social buzz can magnify your reach exponentially. The worst thing can happen is that people didn’t know about your offers.

9. Optimize for Mobile.

More than half of online shoppers might engage with your brand via mobile. Ensure your BFCM deals, banners, and landing pages are mobile-responsive. A laggy or cluttered mobile experience can be a deal-breaker.

10. Post BFCM Analysis. 

Once the dust settles, dive into the data. Analyze what worked and what fizzled. This post-mortem isn’t just for next BFCM but can offer insights for any forthcoming sales campaigns or future Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns.

Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns

In Conclusion:

Dear fellow last-minute warriors, while the clock is ticking, remember that brilliance can still be achieved in the eleventh hour with some Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns. Execute with precision, wit, and a sprinkle of fun. After all, it’s the festive season!

Next year? Maybe we’ll be a tad more proactive with some more Last-Minute BFCM Campaigns. Or maybe, we’ll rendezvous here again. Either way, let’s make this BFCM count!

Jim Huffman

Founder & CEO GrowthHit and One Day Design. Startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. Author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook #1

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