A Growth Team that
Helps Overworked Teams
Unlock Their Potential

Our Goal

Help 1,000 Companies Unlock their Potential

Our goal is to help 1,000 founders do great things with their business. We do this by running a data-driven growth team that’s focused on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Social Ads, Paid Search, Email & SMS, Branding, and growth marketing.

Our Work

PE Firms, VC Funds, Shark Tank, 10X Exits, and More

We’ve worked with or taught over 150 companies. We have helped startups raise over $300M in funding and helped companies generate over $250M in sales. GrowthHit works with e-commerce, DTC, lead generation, beauty, financial services, fashion, fitness, real estate, health care, SaaS and education clients.

Our History

The Best Growth Team in the World

GrowthHit was born in NYC, settled in Seattle, and then expand from Brooklyn to Seoul. We advise big brands, VC firms and startup accelerators on how their portfolio companies should grow online. We’ve taught digital marketing at universities and delivered keynotes across the world.

Our Passion

We (Literally) Wrote the Book on Growth Marketing

We wrote the Amazon best-seller, The Growth Marketer’s Playbook. We teach the #1 course on LinkedIn for CRO and Growth Marketing. We have even launched our own brands. We eat, sleep and dream growth marketing.

We Grow Brands at an Insane Rate

From startups to FORTUNE 500s, we have worked at every phase of growth.





How we decreased cac by Over 50%






What We Stand For

Think Like a Owner

From working with CEOs to launching our own brands, we're a growth team that approaches every problem from the perspective of an owner.

Decision Makers Not Order Takers

Founders and teams work with us because of our expertise. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to transform your strategy and business.

No Jerks

Growing a business is hard. There is no time for drama and people that don’t bring you energy. We aren’t jerks. And we don’t work with jerks.

Solution Oriented

Every fast growing business has one thing in common: growing pains. To be a great partner, we must approach all problems with a solution-oriented mind.

Strategic Speed Wins

In a world overflowing with half-baked ideas, smart and speedy execution wins. Accelerated input leads to accelerated results.

Be Relentless About Raising The Bar

We are never done learning or testing. We must be relentless about new possibilities, new innovations, and questioning how we do what we do.

Our Growth Team

Jim Huffman

CEO & Founder

Grown two startups from idea to $10M+ in sales. Spent over $4M on Facebook & Instagram ads. Author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook, #1 new release on Amazon (Pushing Seth Godin off the #1 spot for 72 hours.) Startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. Lead workshops at Fortune 500 brands like FedEx, Hot Wheels & Intuit. Wannabe coffee snob, aspiring NBA ball-boy, and a #girldad of two.

Yonathan Ayenew

COO & Partner

Produced over $6.7M in additional revenue for clients like UberEats, Bevel, Vector, and more. Creator of FunnelTeardowns, a CRO content platform that breaks down conversion funnels. Yonathan is the creator of the #1 Ruby on Rails course on Udemy that helped over 26,000 students. A bon vivant & systems nerd.

Angela Brugioni

Creative Director

A serial entrepreneur and creative director, who's helped multi-million dollar start-ups cultivate their brand identity and digital experiences. Angela has helped build press-worthy brand awareness and revenue through visual storytelling, fueled by data and analytics. Aspiring Sci-Fi author and proud parent of Rocket the mini-goldendoodle.

Jordan Summers

Director of Growth

Marketing trailblazer closing the loop between analytics and creative. Drove $27+MM revenue through digital ads, bringing along digital novices and natives alike. As a thought leader, she's taught over 100 marketers how to grow their businesses with creative strategy through webinars, classes, and workshops. Jordan's success comes from a strong research methodology background and an endless imagination. Hiking addict, aspiring seamstress, and amateur lounge singer.

Harun Asefa

Director of Operations

A passionate advocate for operational efficiency, Harun thrives on converting complex operations into smooth, streamlined systems. His expertise in strategic planning and active involvement have been instrumental in enhancing workflow efficiency and strengthening team collaboration. Also an avid soccer fan and supports Arsenal.

Paul Baxevanidis

Sr. CRO Manager

A digital marketing ninja hired on to optimize multi-million dollar promotional campaigns over 14 different industries from tech to health and everything in-between. This digital old-timer utilizes over 15 years of experience and passion for marketing, focusing on data-driven strategy and optimized consumer behavioral tactics to increase brand growth across all digital avenues from direct to e-commerce. But watch out; this living room comedian has an impressive fanbase of one cute puppers, who usually walks away before the punchline. And now he is coming to a zoom call near you.

Morgan Davison

Sr. CRO Manager

Coined Experience Advocate. Always advocating for the optimal digital journey through 100s of website experiments, thoughtful UX research, and $5M+ in digital spend. While also being the strongest advocate for both her internal team and clients. Having created several experimentation programs she has found out firsthand when you truly put consumer experience first, that is when the data driven, million plus additional revenue magic begins. On the personal side, she loves mom life (both human and dog), travel adventures, and a great workout to get the day started right.

Naamah Stockdale

Sr. Email Marketer

Generated over $750,000 in revenue for clients through email marketing automation. Specialist in project management, paid ads, and email marketing strategy. Wanna-a-be African safari leader, part-time photographer, and dog mom.

Isaac Wardle

Growth Marketer

Helped grow multiple brands across Europe and Asia-Pacific with paid ads, lead generation funnels, and backend revenue optimization. Specialist in growth strategy, CRO, and UX copywriting. Bio-hacker and natural health nerd.

Bill Colbert

Sales Lead

Growth marketer with CMO experience interested in growing your business with unique solutions not limited to traditional digital. Specializes in evaluating every marketing investment like that - an investment, where the best, most moderate and worst case outcomes are calculated and evaluated. Avid Chicago Bears and feral cat enthusiast. Enjoys golf, working out and being a super dad.

Vitalii Dremliuha

Senior UX/UI Designer

Multidisciplinary graphic designer with a strategy background, specializing in branding, UX/UI and digital product design. Works with visual communication over 8 years. Solves various business problems through design. Creative researcher and musician. Loves breathing, meditation and cold showers.

John Hargan

Sr. Growth Marketer

A full-stack marketer with deep experience in the tech and startup world. John specializes in accelerating customer acquisition and driving revenue with paid media. He has led marketing teams from seed stage to exit via acquisition, designing campaigns to acquire marquee clients such as NATO, Boston Dynamics & BlackRock along the way.

Sumant Choudhry

Senior CRO Analyst

A technology and research enthusiast and marketer who scaled more than 50+ global multi-million dollar businesses from numerous industries. Sumant is a specialist in marketing strategies, data-driven strategies, project management, CRO, and business research. He has set foot into the industry with an Engineer’s Degree to become a Digital Marketing Ninja.

Rahul Ravi

CRO Analyst

Passionate CRO Analyst blending strategic thinking and analytical prowess to elevate digital experiences. Adept chess player, leveraging strategic skills in problem-solving. Infused with a love for numbers, adept at decoding data patterns. Committed to optimizing online journeys through a unique blend of analytical and a strategic mindset.

Constantin Bibik

Digital Designer

A multidisciplinary designer that has the creativity and artistic ability to conceptualize and design eye-catching visuals. Good at understanding and communicating the story that drives the design of products. He always brings empathy, passion, and commitment to his work. His professional philosophy as a designer is clear: hard work, attention to detail, and courage to take risks in order to achieve the highest goals. Deeply passionate about travel, Drone piloting, and shooting nature photographs.

Anastasiia Karavaieva

Digital Designer

Digital designer specializing in graphic, UI/UX, and motion design. Passionate about creating modern, trendy and neat designs, which attract attention and resolve business problems. Finds a personal approach for each project to make all designs unique and special. Serial traveler, language learner, and all-kinds-of-cats lover.

Isha Singh

Digital Designer

After multiple stints at freelance work and startups, Isha's passion for design quickly grew while working as a Digital Product & UX Designer, where she created identities and digital spaces for industries ranging from non-profits to technology. Learning about design's endless possibility and potential to reach and influence millions, she continues to pursue her goal of making the online world a beautiful place. In her spare time, 
you’ll find her gaming, sharpshooting, or annoying her dog.

Andre Ferreria

Growth Marketer

A marketer with a lot of experience in the digital world, he has worked in various types of businesses, from managing e-commerces to leading a marketing team in a multinational company. He has a master’s degree in Digital Marketing, and is completely passionate about performance and optimization, making his purpose in life to help e-commerces grow in the digital environment. In his spare time, he likes to do boxing and photography, and can also be found in the world of gaming!

Blake Sherman

Growth Marketer

A growth marketer interested in helping any type of business scale through digital marketing. Has over 4 years in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and SEO. Blake also has a small business background from running a family owned furniture store. An adrenaline junkie who likes to dirtbike, snowboard, and travel.

Numrah Mazhar

Digital Designer

I am Numrah Mazhar, I am a professional Graphic designer. My passion for design is much more than sitting in front of a computer
and make the ugly things look beautiful; the design is to inspire people’s minds everybody with my work.

Alex Hii

CRO Researcher and Analyst

Helped bootstrap multiple brands in the health + wellness industry across the US and Asia.Worked in various marketing facets over the course of 6+ years not limited to media buying, funnels, CRO, email, content, web development, data analytics. Particular interest in bottom line growth. Avid Man United fan. Current obsession - bouldering

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