Last updated: February 14, 2024

The Real Reason We Bought Neat: IP

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We bought a brand, Neat – sweat-proof clothes. Follow along to see how we’re growing it. SEE ALL THE UPDATES HERE.  

Why would I buy a tee shirt company?

– Clothing is a saturated market.
– Fashion has high return rates.
– B2C is harder than B2B


It’s because of Neat’s moat with their patent.

Specially, US Patent No. 10,640,915 around our technology for sweat-proof shirts.

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This allows us to make sweat-proof shirts 10X better than anyone else. And, we can license our patent to other brands to make it.

If you’re entering into a crowded market then make sure you know your moat or your point of differentiation.

5 Ways Ours Sweat-Proof Technology Keeps You Dry and Fresh:

👀 Hides Sweat
🌵 Speeds up Drying Times
👕 Irons-out Wrinkles
🛑 Resistant to Stains and Water
😅 Reduces Stickiness

But, you’re probably wonder how does this technology work.

Here is a breakdown of the “sweat-tech” that’s been keeping you dry.

What is Neat sweat-proof technology?

Neat® is a patented blend of moisture wicking fabric and sweat proof technology that protects you from looking sweaty.

How does the technology work? 

The Neat® technology allows the garment to capture the excessive sweating and odor, while channeling in a “maze” that spreads the moisture inside the garment.

This creates a hydro shield that stops that moisture from escaping to the outside of the garment, keeping it looking “clean” and perfectly dry.

How Does This Compare to your standard shirt?


Neat moisture wicking fabric
Neat sweat-proof clothing sweat levels

Want more updates on Neat?  Check out all of our updates right here

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