Stop Losing Money
Because of Bad Design

Are you an ecom store owner? Increase conversion rates and sales with our downloadable ad designs, landing page templates, and our DTC growth planning tool.


You’re in Good Company:

GrowthHit’s growth team has perfected these templates
while helping 150+ brands generate $247M+ in sales.

Look Like The Pros

Get an unfair advantage over your competition with design templates backed by 1000+ growth experiments


Create elevated landing pages, ads and emails with designs used by premium companies.


Use proven landing pages & ad templates that convert visitors from social channels.


Our templates are designed by art directors, so you can look like a brand that hired a premium creative agency.


Update your full digital experience in half the time it would take an agency, while saving thousands of dollars.


Who is this for?

  • Founders that don’t want to overspend on design firms
  • Marketers that want to elevate their brand (and sales) quickly
  • Design teams that don’t want to start from scratch

Templates That Grow Your Business

Access the exact designs that helped our clients generate $247M+ in sales. Save time and money by leveraging conversion-focused templates used by VC-backed brands.

Ecommerce Website-in-a-Box

Everything needed to launch a premium ecommerce website. From the homepage to the cart page, save yourself money and time by leveraging our 5 premium design templates.

What’s Inside:

  • 3 Homepage Templates
  • 3 Collection Page Templates
  • 3 PDP Templates
  • Cart Template
  • 3 Pop Up Templates
DTC Ad Templates

Don’t waste money on ads that don’t work. We’re releasing our top performing ad designs, ad copy frameworks, and ad landing pages. Get a headstart by launching ads with proven campaigns.

What’s Inside:

  • 5 Ad Templates
  • 5 Copywriting Formulas
  • Ad Optimization Framework
  • Ads Landing Page Template
DTC Growth Plan Package

How do you build a growth plan? From outlining a launch strategy to building a 1 year model with CAC & LTV calculations, get the playbooks VC-backed brands use to run growth.

What’s Inside:

  • Outline of a Launch Plan
  • 1 Year Projection Model
  • Example of a 12 Month Growth Calendar
  • Unit Economics Model

GrowthHit Guarantee

If these templates don’t improve your existing growth metrics then we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.


How are these templates delivered to me?

We built all of our design templates in Figma so they’re developer friendly. With Figma-based designs, developers have the ability to extract information about typography, redlines, colors, measurement and more.

How are these templates different from other website themes or template builders?

These website pages and ad templates have been used by our growth agency to help scale VC-backed brands. After testing multiple variations across 100+ brands, these are the designs that won. You’re getting the most current designs from premium brands.

What work do I have to do to the templates?

The templates get you 75% of the way there. But, you still need to include your brand colors, fonts and images.

For the website templates, you can have a developer code them into your website.

For the ad templates, you will have to add in your creative assets or copy and then export them into the ads manager.


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