Last updated: December 11, 2020

Top 15 Shopify Marketing Agencies

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If you’re looking to grow your Shopify store, you’re in the right place.

I’m sure you already know, but Shopify is one of THE best platforms to grow your ecommerce business. 

There are tons of plugins, agencies, and designers who can transform your store into a serious contender in the marketplace.

But only if you have the right strategy and you’re working with the right people. 

The trouble is, there’s a lot of agencies out there more than happy to take your money and deliver little to no results.

In this article, I’ll breakdown the benefits of using a Shopify digital agency, the types of agencies, and I’ll even give you a curated list of the top 15 service providers.

So you’ll know exactly what service you need, who to trust, and you’ll have a solid direction to grow your business.

Why use a Shopify marketing agency?

It’s tempting to go it alone, hire freelancers, or do it all in-house. 

But the benefit of hiring an agency is more than just the service they provide.

A good marketing agency is like a partner. They should support you, guide you, and handle all things growth — ads, emails, pop-ups, and conversion rate optimization.

The best agencies act as your outsourced growth team. And they’re relentless about delivering ROI.

Shopify PPC management

Speaking of ROI, finding a good Shopify digital agency that can do paid ads across social and search can be a challenge. 

If you’re looking for only paid ads management, look for agencies that have built out complete funnels and ads for other companies in your industry. 

So when you hire them, they’ll quickly hit the ground running and you can take advantage of their past learnings

Better still, find an agency that combines ads with email management, taking care of your front-end customer acquisition, and helping multiply your backend conversions. 

Because we both know just how powerful email can be to an ecommerce business.

Shopify conversion rate optimization

Some agencies combine CRO with ads and email. These kinds of agencies who take a holistic approach to market your Shopify store, usually deliver the best results.

That’s what we do here at GrowthHit. 

Because growth isn’t only about having more traffic. It’s about your store’s ability to convert more of that traffic into buyers. So at a certain level, CRO becomes a must-have service.

If you’re at the stage where you’re getting consistent traffic, conversions, and you’re looking for ways to grow over the long term, ecommerce CRO is your best bet.


15 Top Shopify Agencies

This is a collection of the best Shopify agencies, reviewed, recommended, and all doing great work in the industry. In no particular order:



Growthhit Best Shopify CRO marketing agency

Seattle, WA

I couldn’t write a list of the top Shopify agencies without mentioning ourselves too. Our team has grown 100+ companies, helped generate over $247M in revenue from tracked experiments, and we’re relentless about ROI. We do paid ads (social and search), email management, and conversion rate optimization for all types of ecommerce businesses. 

We have a team of researchers, UX designers, and strategists working to deliver results for each and every client account. We’ve also helped startups raise over $40M in funding and advise Big Brands, VC firms, and startup accelerators on how their portfolio companies should grow online.



WebFX Shopify Marketing Agency

New York City, NY

WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in web design, SEO, and online marketing for small-to-midsize businesses. They have a lot of ecommerce clients but also deal with lead generation companies and have UX design projects too.



Bevirtual Shopify Marketing Agency

Los Angeles, CA

BeVirtual is a web design agency that specializes in growth marketing. They work with stores to craft beautiful web experiences that deliver results, then use their team of experts to drive traffic and do paid ads. They’ve helped their clients generate millions in revenue



Smartsites Shopify Marketing Agency

Paramus, NJ

SmartSites is an award-winning agency that works with a variety of clients, not only Shopify stores. They focus on SEO, PPC, and web development for ecommerce and lead generation businesses around the world. They’ve also been on the inc5000 list for 4 years and are a marketing partner with the major ad networks.



absolute Shopify Marketing Agency

Miami, FL

AbsoluteWeb is a one-stop-shop for all things ecommerce growth. They work on custom web development, UI/UX design, digital marketing, content production, and branding. They even do video production too.



iovista Shopify Marketing Agency

Dallas, TX

ioVista is a marketing agency that offers ecommerce web development and advertising. They have a lot of experience doing PPC management, especially Google search and landing page optimization.



ecomsllird Shopify Marketing Agency

Austin, TX

eComAllies is a full-funnel advertising agency for eCommerce brands. They offer social ads, amazon ads, and conversion optimization services. With a full-funnel approach to marketing, they start with landing page optimization then progress to ads and upsell optimization.



cake commerce Shopify Marketing Agencies

Madison, CT

Cake Commerce offers consulting, development, design, and strategy services for ecommerce businesses. They run ads, do SEO, run influencer marketing campaigns, and many more. They’re a full-service agency and a part of Zero Gravity Marketing, which is a larger agency out of Madison.



tagrem Shopify Marketing Agency

San Diego, CA

Tagrem offers a full suite of services for ecommerce companies. With a focus on development and strategy, Tagrem uses its 20 years of experience to get more people to buy. They have managed over 50M dollars in advertising and their clients have had collectively over 1B in ecommerce sales.



tagrestryde Shopify Marketing Agency

Lehi, UT

Stryde takes a very focused approach to building and executing digital marketing strategies for key industries such as fashion, baby, sporting goods, outdoor and health brands. They offer SEO, paid ads, CRO and email management.


 Hudson Integrated

hudsonintegrated ecommerce Shopify Marketing Agency

Morristown, NJ

Hudson Integrated helps businesses grow with ecommerce strategy, paid ads, design, and development. They’ve worked with some good companies and crafted some impressive brand experiences. Winner of web design awards, if you’re looking to overhaul your Shopify store to be more conversion-focused with its design, this is the agency for you.


Poast Ecommerce

poastecommerce Shopify Marketing Agency

Logan, UT

Poast is a very niched marketing agency focusing on helping emerging food brands grow online through paid ads (Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin). They have many offline clients but also service online brands too.


ThinkRenegade Corp

thinkrenegade Shopify Marketing Agency

Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

TinkRenegade Corp is an ecommerce growth agency that focuses on paid ads, CRO, email management, and influencer marketing. They help their clients product content, come up with a strategy, and handle all the tech and design set up.


P3 Media

pthreemedia ecommerce Shopify Marketing Agency

New York, NY

P3 Media is a shopify focused agency offering a range of creative and marketing services to its clients. From paid ads, to web design, email, and photography and 3D animation. They help brands scale with style and focus on ROI and increasing conversion for everything they produce.


Digital Cake

ecommerce Shopify Marketing Agency

Birmingham, UK

Digital Cake is a Shopify marketing agency that was built by founders of ecommerce brands. So they understand both the client and the agency side of the business. They offer brand strategy, full store development, paid ads, and SEO.




nogood ecommerce Shopify Marketing Agency_

Soho, NY

NoGood is an award-winning marketing agency that has worked with some of the biggest names in eCommerce. They focus on full-funnel growth planning and implementation. Offering SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, and CRO. They’re a very trusted name in the industry and work with big-budget brands. 

Isaac Wardle, Growth Marketer Wardle

Helped grow multiple brands across Europe and Asia-Pacific with paid ads, lead generation funnels, and backend revenue optimization. Specialist in growth strategy, CRO, and UX copywriting. Bio-hacker and natural health nerd.

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